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April 28, 2009


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Ashley K

I looooove LC's dress (does she still go by LC ever?), but you're right, a strange choice for a wedding...



lc looks great..I need to watch the new episodes!!


The black silk ties make men looks too serious for the wedding.

It's A Jaime Thing

I'm addicted to this show - are you watching it tonight? The season finale? ;)

Vermont  Weddings

That girl is very gorgeous!


what? Its a perfect dress for a wedding. Especially for one during the day, in a church when you are not going to stay long. You people know nothing about wedding etiquette. read a book, not a blog

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OMG, Jerry! You're the reason the Heels lost? They were winning until you decided to actually watch one of their games? Let me guess, you tuned in for the eerily similar loss for the Carolina women's team, too, didn't you? Didn't You?!


that's nice..those high heel shoes really give lauren an extra smth, look amazing, while audrina's smile matches perfectly with that chanel medallion. ;)

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