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August 14, 2009


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I like the color of her jumpsuit. looks fresh and comfy.


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heyy i relle LOVE fashion..and when i say fashion, i do NOT mean Hollister and A&F, even though some of that stuff can be cute.
No, when i say fashion, i love mixing patterns, and def vintageee! i love edgy stuff.
can anyone find me a site that has fashion collages of fashion magazine cut-out pics.. or a site with anything to do with fashion? i dont want a shopping site, i want a site that will inspire me with designs and stuff.

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Music, food, drink (non-alcoholic of course!) and lots of creativity will be served up on a large platter throughout the day. This event is turning into one of the many highlights of my time at Penguin, because it will be a day when I will apply all my new skills.

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they are no more little...

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Beautiful sisters!

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